Our Story

Mike Puertas and Nathan Dugan

Court shoes play a small part of production for major sports brands in the shoe industry, leaving avid racquet and paddle sports players scrambling to try and find a quality product on a consistent basis. With that in mind, we decided to use our combined experiences of over 75 years as squash players, into producing a shoe that is designed for racquet and paddle sports players by racquet sports players, with the knowledge that if a shoe can withstand the rigors of squash, then it will have no problem holding up for any other court sport.

We have both had the fortune of playing squash for England and the USA and we have been highly ranked PSA tour squash professionals before Mike moved to the USA in 1996 and Nathan in the year 2000. We still play and enjoy competing, although mostly age group doubles these days, and we recognize how lucky we are to make our daily living working within a sport that we played for fun as kids. Now, with our bodies getting older, we are looking at other ways to contribute to the racquet and paddle sport world other than coaching, running events and sitting in sports committees. So we have used our experiences of over 25 combined years of running pro shops at sports clubs, to provide a quality product for others to enjoy, so they can continue to play sports knowing their feet are being looked after.

It has taken over four years of prototypes, designing and playtesting for us to get to our first production shoe, the BIA FORCE. What started out as a pipe dream discussed over a glass of wine, is now a finally a reality, and we are looking forward to sharing this journey with you.

We are incredibly proud of the new improved BIA FORCE X that surpasses any major brand we have ever worn.

Mike Puertas and Nathan Dugan