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BIA Force Club Shoe

Club Shoe


The BIA FORCE Shoe is a great fit for any court sport including Pickleball, Squash, Racquetball, Badminton, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Handball, Floorball and indoor Tennis due to the following key shoe elements.

Dense Cushioning // under both the heel and the ball of the foot provides shock absorption for your joints during dynamic motion. The dense foam helps limit any shoe roll and ensures endurance for the outsole.

Light Mesh Upper with Power U Support // allows breathability without compromising the structural support a shoe upper needs to meet the demands of sports undergoing vigorous lateral movements. Many of the shoes from leading brands in today’s market focus on being light weight and fashionable in design but they lose the structural performance.

Grip and Stability // from the outsole is crucial for any sport being played on a wood floor or hard flat surface. The BIA FORCE provides traction using a non marking soft gum rubber sole with a low profile tread keeping as much rubber in contact with the floor as possible. The Power Bolt in the center of the outsole prevents shoe roll giving the foot the support it needs to prevent stress injuries.

Reinforced Toe Drag // in a PVC material is important to prevents holes being ripped through the soft mesh upper on the trialing leg when lunging or diving in the heat of battle.

No matter what your sport, The BIA FORCE will be up to the challenge.