BIA Force

BIA Force professional squash shoe


The BIA FORCE shoe is a great fit for Squash, Racquetball, Badminton, Table Tennis, Handball, Volleyball, Floorball and indoor Tennis due to the following key shoe elements:

Dense Cushioning // under both the heel and the ball of the foot for the dynamic player who has heel strike in lunges and bounces on the balls of their feet during plyometric motion.

Light Mesh Upper // that breaths but has the structural support to meet the demands of vigorous lateral movements that the likes of a running shoe can't provide.

Grip and Stability // form the sole. Indoor court shoes need as much of the gum rubber sole in contact with the floor as possible, much in the same way that slick tires work on racing cars. Too much tread depth and pattern found in cross shoes or outdoor tennis shoes can result in slipping. It is also vital that the sole has a stability control in the the middle of the shoe that prevents the sole from being too flexible. This prevents shoe roll on lateral movements and gives the foot the support it needs to prevent muscle strains.

Heel Cushioning // to provide a snug fit and prevent the heel slipping out of the back of the shoe during fast motion, a padded tongue also helps with the comfort and fit.

Strengthened Toe Material // A number of sporting activities leave a player with holes at the front of the shoes from dragging the trail leg in jumping activities. A strengthened material in the toe box area is important to make a shoe last.

No matter what your sport, the BIA FORCE will be up to the challenge and will give you confidence and comfort while in action.